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Deeply nourished, naturally glowing winter skin

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Deeply nourished, naturally glowing winter skin

Available at a reduced price for limited time only ⏲️!

What´s inside?

  • Altrient C increases skin elasticity by 61% taking 3 sachets daily for 3 months
  • Think B vitamins for glossy locks and to settle down frizzy hair
  • Pimples contain trapped bacteria, Colloidal silver is an effective topical sanitiser
  • Zinc is a real beauty hero nutrient for maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Hydrolysed collagen peptides help to replenish collagen reserves

Ideal for customers requiring extra seasonal support to hold off fine lines, dry skin or pimples caused by stress, alcohol and the winter elements.

Nourish frizzy hair, spotty skin and fragile nails to glow your way to Christmas.