Vitamin C Day is on April 4th every year and has been created to celebrate all the myriad ways in which vitamin C works to support whole body health.  Although immune support is the backbone of vitamin C’s well-deserved reputation, what many people don’t realise is that it has an enormous range of other amazing health benefits which can be utilised all year round not just when winter arrives. Here’s a run-down of all the great things vitamin C could do for you....

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  • What makes sleep vital?

    What makes sleep vital?


    Sleep is an essential aspect of human life, and its importance cannot be overemphasized. A good night's sleep can do wonders for your health and overall well-being, while poor sleep can lead to a wide range of problems, including fatigue, irritability, and even chronic illnesses. For World Sleep Day we wanted to highlight the importance of sleep and magnesium. 

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  • Still Smoking? How to kick the habit

    Still Smoking? How to kick the habit


    Smoking is known as one of the main causes of lung cancer and the most common cause of cancer death in men and women globally.1 In addition to this, recent news reports are claiming that illnesses related to smoking are on the increase and that even smoking just 1-4 cigarettes a day significantly increases your risk of dying from heart disease and lung cancer. 2 Worryingly, international surveys show that cigarette smoking is on the up in younger people between the ages of 15-29.8 In fact,...

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  • Altrient Celebrates Vogue France Feature

    Altrient Celebrates Vogue France Feature


    We’re thrilled to celebrate our feature in the esteemed pages of Vogue France. The article showcases Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C as the go-to choice for numerous celebrities. These high-profile individuals attest to the efficacy and benefits of our supplements, emphasising their role in supporting the immune system, contributing to skin health, and helping to reduce fatigue.

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  • Put on Your Best Face for a Vibrant New Year

    Put on Your Best Face for a Vibrant New Year


    Feeling under-par after the excesses of the festive season? It’s very likely your skin is showing just what you’ve been up to. All that rich food and alcohol takes its toll on your digestive system, which usually means, constipation, weight gain, dark circles under the eyes, and a few too many pimples. These are all clear indicators that it’s time to re-balance your diet, pack in the skin healthy nutrients and get back on track. When better than the beginning of a new year to start afresh....

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  • The Three Step Re-Set for Christmas Over-Indulgence

    The Three Step Re-Set for Christmas Over-Indulgence


    Do you throw caution to the wind during the Christmas break, eating and drinking everything that’s on offer with wild abandon? If you do, well you won’t be alone, most people spend between 20% to 40% more at Christmas on extra food and alcohol 2 and there’s very little left by the time January rolls round! But what about the post-Christmas fall out?

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  • Menopause and the need for Vitamin D

    Menopause and the need for Vitamin D


    The hormonal changes brought about by the transition to menopause culminate in a whole host of symptoms, some baffling, some uncomfortable and some extremely distressing. A woman’s ability to navigate the ups and downs of the menopause depends on many factors, but what’s clear is that women who focus on healthy diet and lifestyle choices during their 40’s are more likely to experience a milder, shorter and more manageable menopause. Others may experience a much longer and more troublesome...

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    Phospholipids are naturally occurring fatty substances that provide structure, flexibility and protection to cells. They possess water-loving heads and water-hating tails, which enable them to arrange themselves into parallel layers forming a phospholipid bilayer, which makes up the cell membrane. This phospholipid membrane maintains strong barriers between the cell and its external environment. The liposomes used in Altrient products are made from essential phospholipids that include a high...

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  • Prime Your Seasonal Defences with NEUTRIENT TOTAL C

    Prime Your Seasonal Defences with NEUTRIENT TOTAL C


    We've got some exciting news brewing at Neutrient, and it's not your average supplement launch. Get ready to meet the superhero of the supplement world – NEUTRIENT TOTAL C! a total game-changer in the quest for optimal health and seasonal defence.

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  • Enhancing Immunity – Four Essential Nutrients

    Enhancing Immunity – Four Essential Nutrients


    Thanks to the natural world we have an abundance of food and plant compounds that have the potential to fight infections and reduce inflammation, almost too many to choose from! To keep it simple we’ve cherry-picked four potent supplements that are universally known and supported by robust evidence. Top of the list in the winter months should be vitamin C followed closely by vitamin D and zinc. To really ensure you stand a good chance of countering the damaging effects of unhealthy pathogens,...

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  • Take control of your hormonal health with the best menopause supplements

    Take control of your hormonal health with the best menopause supplements


    For World Menopause Day, we have teamed up with LIVVE UK, the menopause specialists and we've got just what you need to support your changing body during menopause and beyond!

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